San Francisco, CA

Front-End Developer

August 2013 - Present

Responsible for creating interactive, dynamic front-end experiences using real data that efficiently showcase new functionality of site pages, modules and components developing on top of complex MVC frameworks. I work directly with project managers, designers and back-end engineers across multiple teams utilizing the latest technologies to build, refine and test numerous UX, UI projects and tasks within an agile environment. I leverage prototyping techniques ranging from user scripts, used to manipulate and test theories and concepts on live pages, to creating full page experiences that utilize production ready code. I am also responsible for refactoring codebase to clean and semantic code that meets company standards for future maintainability. I provide guidance to ancestry engineers on the methods and best practices for constructing user interface elements using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as conduct and participate in code reviews and brown bag presentations.

Los Angeles, CA

Web Developer

April 2012 – August 2013

Created custom wordpress sites for a variety of USC departments using HTML5, CSS3, JS and PHP that were responsive and met accessibility standards. I worked directly with clients, project managers and designers throughout the entire project life cycle. Attended client meetings to understand the user’s needs and provide guidance on how to meet those needs from a technical perspective. Provided input on wireframes, built the full site including customizable pages and widgets, and taught clients how they can maintain the site themselves from within Wordpress. Implemented numerous third party APIs, including Google Maps and feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and USC’s event calendar. Worked alongside designers to create the internal tools UI for the web services group and its clients including a calendar event submission form and front-end / UI standards that would be used across all school sites. Responsive design expert for all sites to be viewed on multiple platforms and devices.

Chicago, IL

Front-End Developer

June 2010 - March 2012

Responsible for creation and implementation of promotional advertisements and blue sky projects for all of Sears's global-scale web properties. Projects ranged from single page sites and animated features to interactive experiences and micro sites, utilizing a variety of frameworks and technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML, JS, jQuery and ActionScript. Lead developer on homepage ads; constructed, implemented and managed ads via the CMS Alfresco and trained new hires on homepage processes. I was also the sole person responsible for any project that involved animation. Managed, tracked and collaborated on projects using a variety of tools such as Jira and Basecamp as well as attended Ops Alert calls, troubleshooted and debugged front end issues across properties.

Orlando, FL

Graphic Artist / Illustrator

March 2008 - June 2009

As the only in-house artist I was responsible for all artwork for a wide range of clients including, Sea World, Universal Studios, Marriott, NFL, GM and many more. I worked directly with the sales agents visiting site venues and creating conceptual layouts on the fly as well as producing more detailed concept art of proposed spatial designs for the events. I was responsible for the entire production line of work from sketches, to final pieces, to working with print shops and third party production houses, and even application / set-up at the time of the event.

The range of art included: concept art, custom signage, RTA vinyl graphics and lettering, backdrops, podium design, ice sculptures, banners, posters, flyers, invitations and brochures to name a few.




CSS Summit

July 2015


The University of Edinburgh

Certificate in Critical Thinking

Februrary 2013



CSS Summit - Web Performance Summit - Accessibility Summit - Mobile JS Summit

throughout 2012



Certificate in Responsive Web Design

May 2012 – June 2012


Berkeley, CA

Diploma - Advanced Studies in 3D Character Animation

January 2008 – July 2009

Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas City, MO

B.F.A - Illustration / Animation

August 2003 – May 2006